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Automotive Workpiece

Crankshaft Hardening Machine

Crankshaft Hardening Machine


1. This equipment mainly consists of crankshaft induction hardening machine, IGBT MF power supply, quenching liquid circulation cooling system, purified water cooling circulation system (including low-pressure cooling system 0.1-0.2Mpa, 0.6-0.8Mpa high-pressure cooling system), electric control system, chiller and the like. The equipment can do journal quenching or fillet hardening for all kinds of four-cylinder and six-cylinder crankshafts with a length of 500-1500mm.

2. Automatic monitoring protection of the temperature, pressure and flow rate of quenching liquid and cooling water.

3. The control system has the function of failure protection, indication and alarming.

4. The power chuck, tailstock and transformer lifting driving mechanism of the hardening machine are pneumatic; the loading and unloading mechanism adopts a reciprocating type double-position trolley driven by a motor to synchronously drive; and the lifting force for parts is from an air cylinder.

5. Machine head and machine tail: the machine head and machine tail are tightly clamped by the power chuck of a rotation air cylinder and driven by a servo motor to rotate. At the same time, the tail stock position can be electrically adjusted to fit for the induction hardening of the crankshaft with different lengths.

6. Crankshaft moving system: Servo motor and ball screw are adopted to drive the crankshaft to transversely move; and the guide rail adopts a rectangular linear guide rail.

7. Load feeding: The power for load ascending and descending is from the air cylinder.

8. The machine is equipped with 6~15 sets of load systems (including heating transformer, capacitor, inductor); each sets of load system can work independently by sequentially switching; the distance between transformers can be manually adjusted by 0-100mm.

9. The technological parameters of load working can be set independently.

10. The holding of the crankshaft adopts a center hole and an end surface for positioning, the machine head and the tailstock adopt an pneumatic self-centering power chuck, the holding of the crankshaft is automatically completed, the tailstock can freely expand and contract according to the extension amount of the crankshaft, and the holding length is electrically adjusted by a screw.

11. The control system of the machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC, data acquisition and data processing unit, touch screen and the like, and the actions of the machine have the interlocking protection, and the process parameters of the equipment (including voltage, current, heating time, cooling time, power, frequency, spray flew) can be displayed and set on the touch screen, and the Siemens 840D systems can be selected as the electric control system.

12. Besides the functions of overpressure protection, over-current protection, phase failure protection and water pressure failure protection, the power supply even has the functions of voltage-limit protection, current-limit protection, minimum protection, over-high inlet voltage protection, over-high starting current protection and water temperature protection. And it has interlocking protection with the matched machine, the power supply can not start until the machine is well prepared.

13.  The process parameters monitor can monitor the heating parameters of each heating position and record.

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