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Automotive Workpiece

Constant Velocity Universal Joint Outer Housing Induction Hardening Machine

CVJ Outer Housing Induction Hardening Machine

The constant velocity universal joint outer housing induction hardening machine is suitable for CVJ housing internal induction hardening, spline induction hardening and on-line induction tempering, which can be selected for on-line nondestructive testing, laser marking and sorting of bad products. The machine tool adopts full automatic loading and unloading mode, and the internal cavity induction hardening is grabbed and positioned by the manipulator. The workpiece is rotated during induction heating, and the spline induction hardening is achieved by single shot induction hardening. Equipment cooling and workpiece cooling system automatic constant temperature and flow whole process monitoring. The machine adopts efficient automatic processing flow and intelligent process management system. The processing process data is recorded and monitored in real time. The equipment processing beat is less than 30 seconds.

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