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Machine Workpiece

Chuck Automatic Hardening Machine

Chuck Hardening Machine

This series hardening machine is suitable for various chuck I-shaped grooves and umbilical heating and quenching, with many different quenching parts finished on the same station. The machine has three stations: loading station, quenching station and unloading station. The materials transportation between stations is completed automatically by automatic feeding mechanism without manual operation. When changing variety, it only needs to be delivered to the corresponding processing program and changed with corresponding inductor. The working condition and the processing parameters are monitored and recorded in real time. The electronic control system and the heating power supply communication can realize the automation of the work-piece quenching process.

Functional characteristics

1. The machine bed is made of welded structure, and is processed after aging treatment; it has good rigidity, stability and vibration resistance.

2. The machine bed has fully-automatic loading and unloading functions, and all loading, unloading, and loading and unloading between stations are completed by the equipment automatically.

3. The inductor adopts water-electricity fast-changing coupler and mechanical quick positioning structure, which is easy to operate, replace and maintain.

4. The mechanical and electrical design of the machine has many protection measures, to ensure the operation safety and machine running safety.

5. The machine quenching room adopts stainless steel protection, and the aluminum alloy door is equipped with large view toughened glass observation window, good appearance and easy to operate.

6. The machine heating inductor adopts servo motor driving, precise linear guide rail guiding and ball screw driving, accurate repeat positioning.

7. The quenching liquid water temperature and equipment cooling water temperature adopts automatic constant temperature control, which can be set digitally.

8. The new type energy-saving heating transformer adopted has a small volume, high energy conversion efficiency, low fault rate, long service life and good quenching parameters stability.

9. It is equipped with IGBT transistor power supply, with 100% starting success and full range of protection functions and fault diagnosis alarm function.

10. The machine can finish the I-shaped mouth and umbilical surface quenching of 2-6 chucks.

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