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Machine Workpiece

Guide Rail Hardening Machine

Guide Rail Hardening Machine

This machine is special for various types of machine bed guide rail induction heating and quenching. It adopts bed fixing and inductor continuous scanning moving heating and quenching. The machine adopts servo control technology, when the work-piece is fixed on the worktable, the machine control system can accurately locate the space between the inductor and the work-piece according to the set parameters, and heat and cool the quenched work-piece surface automatically.. The machine adopts electrical automatic tracking technology to track the space between the inductor and the work-piece in real time, which ensures the constant space between the inductor and the hardening work-piece surface, improves the consistency of quenching quality and reduces the quenching transformation and process redundancy.


1. Machine bed: section steel welding/casting

2. Transmission: precision ball screw/gear rack

3. Space track: electrical tracking system, constant space between the inductor and the hardening surface

4. Quenching load: adjustable turn ratio energy-saving heating transformer (Patent of our company Patent name: A transformer used for induction hardening Patent type: Utility model Patent number: ZL 2016 2 0246979.5 Announcement date of authorization: August 24, 2016)

5. Machinery guide rail: linear guide rail

6. Inductor position motor: AC servo motor

7. Inductor two-dimensional moving: servo motor drive

8. Quenching mode: standard configuration is inductor moving, work-piece moving is optional

9. Protection: water pressure protection, flow protection, air pressure protection, photoelectric safety protection

10. Operation cabinet: rotary operation cabinet or control cabinet

11. Alarm: acoustic/optical fault alarm, control interface display alarm record

12. Inductor and sprayer cooling interface: stainless steel/brass hydraulic quick coupler

13. Electrical control system: PLC/touch screen + PLC / 808D / 828D / 840DSL

14. Work station number: 1

15. Cooling mode: closed air cooling circulation system/industrial chiller and internal circulation system

16. Process parameter monitoring system is optional, which has the functions of technical parameters recording, consulting and printing.

Functional characteristics

1. This machine is suitable for the scanning heating and quenching of machine bed guide rail and other types of guide rail parts and flat plate parts.

2. The inductor moving is driven by Siemens servo motor.

3. The machine has inductor automatic tracking function, after the space between the inductor and the work-piece is set, the system will control the shafts automatically to ensure the constant distance between the inductor and the work-piece quenching surface. 

4. The precise displacement sensor is imported.

5. The inductor and the water sprayer both adopt water-electricity fast-changing structure, which is convenient to replace and adjust.

6. It adopts automatic control system: all processing parameters of the equipment (power, time, quenching liquid flow, quenching speed, quenching liquid temperature and so on) can be input or displayed and saved by certain parameter screen.

7. The control system has the function of process parameters monitoring, recording and printing.

8. The machine has the fully-enclosed photoelectric protection to ensure the safety.

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