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Military Workpiece

Shaft Series Vertical Hardening Machine

This series induction hardening machine is mainly suitable for light shaft parts, disc parts or small parts induction heating and quenching. It adopts work-piece moving type to realize the continuous scanning, sectional scanning, and sectional integral induction hardening of various parts. It adopts CNC system and the special parameter management monitoring system is optional, which can realize the functions of process parameters recording and historical data inquiring. It is equipped with digital IGBT transistor induction heating power supply, with perfect protection functions and stable and reliable performance. The machine adopts modular layout structure, which can effectively complete the induction hardening of various parts.


1. Humanized design.

2. High strength welded bed.

3. Stainless steel (aerodynamic/manual, double/single) spring centre.

4. Adjustable turn ratio HKM series energy-saving induction heating transformer.

5. Fully imported ball screw.

6. Cooling water pressure, flow, and temperature protection, quenching liquid flow and temperature monitoring.

7. Rotary operation cabinet.

8. Workpiece clamping length electrical adjustment.

9. Acoustic/optical fault alarm.

10. Water circuit adopts fast-changing coupler.

11. Machine structure: welding/casting.

12. Rotation control mode: Inverter/stepping motor/AC servo motor.

13. Electrical control system: PLC/touch screen + PLC/808D/828D/840D.

14. Transformer slipway adjustment: Hand wheel adjustment/automatic adjustment, adjust front of hand wheel, efficient adjustment.

15. Work-piece moving motor: Speed reduction motor/stepping motor/AC servo motor.

16. Work-piece moving guide rail: Steel plated guide way/rectangular linear guide rail.

17. The number of work stations:1-3.

18. According to the request of different work-pieces and users, it can be equipped with loading and unloading devices, such as manipulator, robots and so on.

19. Optional process parameter monitoring system, having the functions of process parameters recording, consulting and printing.

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