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Induction Heating

KGPS Series Thyristor Heating Generator

    induction heating power supply

By adopting international advanced technology, and combined with our innovation, our company has developed the international advanced thyristor medium frequency heating generator, which uses silicon-controlled rectifier as the main inverter devices, and changes the three-phase power frequency AC to single-phase MF AC through rectification, filtering, inverting and other steps. The generator can be fit for rough diathermy, metal smelting and surface quenching, tempering, braze welding. The power range of this series product covers 100-3000 kW, and the frequency range is 0.5-8 kHZ.



1. The product adopts fully-integrated control circuits with the digital degree of more than 90%.


2. The whole system adopts double closed-loop adjustment, which can be carried out through constant voltage working mode and constant current working mode, and it has the functions of overpressure protection, over-current protection, MF phase change protection, inversion failure protection, insufficient water pressure protection and the like.


3. The equipment startup adopts the way of firstly discharging and then tracking natural frequency, thus to ensure the 100% starting success.


4. The equipment sequential logic adopts PLC control, and the running state of the equipment and the failure indications can displayed in real time.


5. The inversion trigger system of the equipment adopts the constant counter pressure time control mode to guarantee the running of the power supply under high power factors.


6. The inversion circuit is equipped with a special current-limiting inductor and a pulse - triggering module to ensure the long-time reliability of the equipment.


7. The cooling water pipeline of the equipment totally adopts the loose joint of brass water faucets, making the assembly and disassembly convenient and rapid.


8. The optional water temperature monitoring system can carry out the monitoring and protection to the temperature of each water channel, and once the water is at over-temperature, the equipment will stop running automatically.

KGPS Series Thyristor Heating Generator Technical Parameters

KGPS Series Thyristor Heating Generator Technical Parameters

Please Note: The above cooling water volume for the heating generator cabinet cooling volume, transformer and capacitor cooling water volume is not included.

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