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Induction Heating

HKTP Transistor Induction Heating Generator

      induction heating generator

HKTP series transistor medium-frequency, high-frequency and supersonic frequency induction heating generators, are the innovative induction heating products and produced by SY HEATKING with European standards. Presently, as upgraded and using DSP control technologies, it's adopted to ensure the efficient operations of the generator, and the generator products have reached the international-class of similar products. The power range is capable from 50 kW-1500 kW, and the frequency range is from 300 HZ-200 kHz. It adopts IGBT transistors as the inverter device, which can completely replace the electronic-tube type supersonic frequency generators, and the MF thyristor generators. The SY HEATKING generators capable applied for various industrial applications as:  metal heat treatment, welding, melting, brazing, bonding, sintering, diathermy and etc.


1. Wide Frequency Range

The frequency range of the HKTP generator can cover the medium frequency and supersonic frequency, it can work under any frequency without any adjustments, which overcomes the shortcoming of poor adaptability of the traditional power, and can meet the requirements of various technologies as well, so it not only can fit for the large-scale automation operation, but also can fit for small-scale multi-variety production.


2. Simple Technological Adjustment

The power supply is provided with a frequency automatic scanning system, so that the matching with load is simpler, the equipment can start oscillating within the whole working frequency range, so users only need to adjust the load capacitor and transformer turn ratio when replacing spare parts.


3. High Starting Success Ratio

The HKTP transistor power supply can be frequently started, and is safe and reliable, and the starting success ratio can reach 100%.


4. Small Footprint

The HKTP transistor power supply is 1/5 size of an electronic tube, thereby saving the used space.


5. Long Service Life

The HKTP transistor power supply has no limit on service life, and the maintenance cost is very low.


6. Safe Protection System

The HKTP transistor power supply has about 20 reliable protection functions such as maximum and minimum protection of frequency, voltage, current, and the like, monitoring during the working process of the equipment, water temperature monitoring and the like.


7. Simple and Convenient Operation and Debug

The power supply has foolproof operation and monitor modes, which can remove various miss-operation and false actions. Users can install and debug on their own according to the instructions without specialists from the manufacturer.


8. Long Transmission Distance

The HKTP transistor power supply can be connected with load long-distance flexible cables, so that users can flexibly select the installation sites, and the application range of the power supply is wider. The transmission distance can reach 50 meters.


9. Safe Use

The HKTP transistor power supply has no high voltage risk, so the operation and maintenance are safer.

10. Convenient Maintenance

The total water channels and electricity adopt the connection of imported connectors, and the rectifier and inverter adopt modular structures. All the devices are left with enough repair spaces and are equipped with repair illuminators and sockets.

HKTP Transistor Induction Heating Generator Technical Parameters

HKTP Transistor Induction Heating Generator Technical Parameters

Please Note: The above cooling water volume for the heating  generator cabinet cooling volume, transformer and capacitor cooling water volume is not included.

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