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Cooling System

HKFL Series Closed Soft Water Circulation Cooling System

The system is a new generation of heat exchanger, which takes the copper coil tube as the heat conduction element, and discharges the heat of the heating element into air by the heat exchanging of wind and soft water. It adopts the double heat dissipation of wind cooling and evaporation and heat absorption, which not only has high thermal conductivity, but also can form a very high thermal discharging density by combining it into a multi-layer calandria radiator, so the cooling efficiency of this new system is very high. The pipeline of the system adopts PP-R pipe or stainless steel pipe, the water tank adopts the stainless one, and it also has the function of automatically starting the blower to reduce the temperature when the temperature is too high. The system has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, and convenient installation and so on, which completely solves the disadvantages of traditional water cooling system, and greatly increases the service life of the power. It is convenient in installation and disassembly, and meanwhile it also greatly reduces the land area occupied.

Characteristics of HKFL Closed Soft Water Cooling System

1. It is a totally enclosed circulating cooling, so there is no sundry that can enter the pipeline system, so as to avoid the pipeline blocking.

2. Soft water circulating cooling prevents scale from forming even at high temperature; otherwise, it will cause the scale formation in the cooling pipeline system and damage the pipeline because of over heat.

3. It occupies a small land area, and there is no need to dig pools, which is convenient to change the address and save water, and reduces energy consumption.

4. It adopts the double cooling method of wind cooling and evaporation and heat absorption, so the cooling efficiency is high.

5. It can directly cool water, oil and alcohol.

6. The mediums like quenching liquid, saline and chemical liquid have no losses and the compositions are stable.

7. Because it adopts the closed circulation, the mediums are not influenced by environment and will not pollute the environment.

8. Its automatic digital temperature control and automatic liquid level control are energy saving, high in precision, convenient and simple in operation.

9. By adopting this cooling system, users do not need to add pools, pumps and pipeline. The system is the new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly cooling equipment.

Application Range of HKFL Closed Soft Water Cooling System

1. Cooling of induction quenching equipment, induction through heating, melting, insulation equipment, medium-high frequency power supply, transformer, inductors and so on.

2. Cooling of rectifier equipment, electric welding equipment, and casting equipment and the like.

3. Cooling of large dies such as metal casting die and injection mould.

4. Cooling of chemical reactor, electrochemical reactor, as well as hydraulic oil and silicon oil of large hydraulic station and so on.

5. Cooling of condenser of water-cooling type water chilling unit in large center air conditioner.

6. Cooling of large generating set, large motor, diesel engine, glass equipment and so on.

7. All the equipment, devices and mediums needing cooling can adopt the closed soft water cooling machine.

Cooling of Quenching Liquid

When the temperature of the quenching liquid is lower than the temperature set by the system, the electric heating function of the quenching liquid circulation system of the quenching machine will automatically start, and automatically stop heating when the temperature reaches the set temperature. The circulation system is provided with an automatic liquid return pump, which is automatically controlled by lever controller. The liquid return is equipped with a filtering equipment, making the cleanliness of the quenching liquid meet the needs all the time.

When it is used for equipment cooling water, the cooling water shall be distilled water to prevent scale formation.

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