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Cooling System

HKSL Series Closed-loop Cooling System

Our company's industrial chiller is specially designed for the heat generated by cooling industry equipment. It takes heat away through closed circulating water, and it can make the equipment run stably and reduce fault rate and prolong the service life of the equipment. And it owns the well outline and compact structure. Adopting the closed cooling water loop, the chiller can not only provide equipment with needed cooling water with constant flow and temperature, but also choose cooling method according to the climate. Meanwhile, its environment-friendly energy-saving, water-saving and maintenance free. Thus, our company's industrial chiller is widely used in various industries such as refining, casting, heat treatment, chemistry, electricity, plastic, medicines, and so on.

The circulation in the chiller is fully-closed, thus it can ensure induction heating equipment cooling well while saving energy to the greatest extent. This chiller completely solves the problems of the traditional open circulating water cooling system, such as scaling, microbial growth, large water consumption, large environmental effect, bad cooling efficiency, sensible to frost and complex maintaining, and it owns the advantages of no scaling, no corrosion, no water consumption, free maintenance and anti-freezing. The fact shows that after choosing our industrial air chiller, the equipment system will not scale or be corroded, the thyristor, IGBT, capacitor, hardening transformer and electric reactor will never be damaged due to high temperature, the resistivity of copper conductor will greatly decline because of the low cooling water temperature, and electricity and energy will be saved.

HKSL Closed-loop Cooling System

This system adopts high performance stainless steel plate type heat exchanger as main parts. The inner circulating water tank is made of stainless steel. The cooled medium can be purified water, quenching liquid, oil and so on. Stainless steel pipe is durable, the new type stainless steel joint has good seal performance, which is convenient to install or maintain.

Composition of cooling scheme:

External circulation system scheme I: HKSL internal circulation + Cooling tower + Pool (external circulation)

The external circulation system, composed of HKSL internal circulation, cooling tower, and water storage tank. is generally installed outside the workshop, which can efficiently avoid the bad cooling performance caused by high inner temperature of workshop. But the system is greatly affected by the temperature.

External circulation system scheme II: HKSL internal circulation + Industrial chiller

(external circulation)

The external circulation system composed of HKSL internal circulation and industrial chiller is generally designed with equipment host together to ensure its rational layout. The cooling system is composed of high-efficiency compressor and condenser. It owns strong cooling performance, and the water temperature cannot be affected by the ambient temperature.

Automatic control system precisely controls the temperature of cooled medium. In special environment, if the medium needs to be heated, the electrical heating function will be started automatically, and stopped when the temperature reaches the set value. These two external circulating systems are both optional.

This system is small in volume, high in efficient, and easy to install, it covers a small land area and it is widely used.

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