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Heating Transformer

Induction Heating Transformer

induction heating transformer

The multi-turn ratio induction heating transformer (hereinafter referred to as transformer) is mainly used for the induction heating of medium frequency, supersonic frequency, high frequency, and induction heating of elbow pipe, welding, brazing, bonding, hot rolling diathermy and so on, which the functions reduce the voltage for the induction heating, and the isolation and impedance are matched to each other.



The transformers formed 2 types as potting and non potting types. Depending the different usages and frequencies of the transformer, the magnetic circuit can adopt silicon steel iron core, amorphous alloy, ferrite and so on. The transformer winding coil adopts close-loop water cooling circuit. In order to meeting the different applications and requirements from client, the primary and secondary interface transformer capable for combine different turn ratios.


Electrical Connection of Transformer

When the transformer is ready ex-work to clients, it configured enough connection taps, and an operation manual and diagram packed as well, for transformer turn ratio regulations.


Cooling Water Circuit Connection of Transformer

When the transformer is ready ex-work to clients, it will packed with a detailed diagram of cooling water circuit connections. The full-series transformers configured quick-coupling connectors, which is convenient to change  the transformer settings.

Depends clients’ applications, SY HEATKING provides transformer functioned with temperature and flow protection as well.


Parameters and Demands for Customized Transformer

l  The power of generator and matching with transformer, and maximum power for normal operating state.

l  The frequency of generator and matching with transformer, maximum frequency range for operating state.

l  The forms of the output wave from the generator.

l  The ratio of maximum and minimum power.

l  Transformer load rate, 100% load rate without stopping since power startup, working time(s), stopping time(s).

l  If the water separator need to be provided with the transformer.


Transformer Customizing

According to user’s application, SY HEATKING  provides customized transformer manufacturing services, as for various type of special-application hardening transformers, isolated transformers, and boosting transformers…etc.

Induction Heating Transformer Structures

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