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Model Description and Maintenance Method of Resonant Capacitor

Intermediate frequency electric heating capacitor to coarser polypropylene film and immersed in high-performance liquid as a composite medium, high-purity aluminum foil for (electric) plate; shell for the rectangular aluminum alloy fuel tank, often equipped with water cooling pipe. Mainly used in the rated voltage of not more than 3.6kV, frequency 50kHz and below the controllable or adjustable AC power system, specifically used to improve the induction heating, melting, mixing or casting devices, and similar applications, power factor.

Intermediate frequency capacitor model and its meaning: RFM30.75-1000-1S
R series code (electric) F liquid medium code (diaryl ethane)
M solid media code (polypropylene film)
3 Design number 0.75 Indicates rated voltage (KV)
1000 indicates rated capacity (Kvar)
1 indicates rated power (KHz)

S tail note (water-cooled)

Shunt capacitors should be shut down on a regular basis, at least once a quarter, the main check the capacitor shell, porcelain casing, mounting bracket and other parts of the presence of dust and other dirt, and carefully cleaned. Inspection should pay special attention to the connection point of the connection is solid, whether loose; shell is bulging, infiltration (leakage) oil. If the above phenomenon is found, the capacitor must be exited and properly handled.

Strict control of the operating voltage, parallel capacitor operating voltage, must be strictly controlled within the allowable range. That is, the long-term running voltage of the parallel capacitor should not exceed 10% of its rated voltage, the operating voltage is too high, will greatly shorten the life of the capacitor. As the operating voltage increases, the dielectric loss of the shunt capacitor increases, causing the capacitor temperature to rise, accelerating the aging of the capacitor insulation, resulting in premature aging of the capacitor, breakdown and damage. In addition, under the effect of excessive operating voltage, the insulation medium inside the capacitor will be localized, the higher the voltage, the faster the aging, the shorter life.

If the long-term running voltage of the shunt capacitor is higher than 20% of its rated voltage, its service life will be about 0.3 times the normal condition. Therefore, the actual operation voltage should be based on the actual situation of the local grid, a reasonable choice of rated voltage, so that the long-term operating voltage is not greater than 1.1 times the rated voltage of the capacitor, of course, the actual operating voltage is too low is very unfavorable, because the parallel capacitor output The reactive power is proportional to the square of its operating voltage. If the operating voltage is too low, the capacitor output will reduce the reactive power, can not complete the task of reactive power compensation, lost the installation of parallel compensation capacitor should play the role. Therefore, in actual operation, we must try to make the parallel capacitor operating voltage long-term to maintain its rated voltage 95% to 105%, the maximum operating voltage shall not exceed 110% of its rated voltage.

Control the operating temperature, in the normal environment, the general requirements of the shunt capacitor shell the hottest temperature should not be greater than 60 ℃, otherwise, to identify the cause, for processing.

On the abnormal operation of the conditions in a timely manner, found in the operation of the intermediate frequency electric furnace capacitor parallel drums, joint fever, severe leakage (leakage) oil and other abnormal circumstances, must be out of operation. On the occurrence of fuel injection, fire, explosion and other vicious accidents, should immediately be a power failure to check the cause of the accident after the treatment, can replace the new capacitor to continue to run.

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