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Induction Electric Furnace Condenser Fault Analysis

1. The internal fire: when the machine is running, there's noise, is insulation breakdown should be renewed.

2. Arcing capacitor external: when the machine is running an external ignition, capacitor shell the insulation or parallel boost of series capacitor in series and parallelcapacitors connected to the shell.

3. Cooling water through warm insulation damage, should be processed in a timely manner. Insulation of Electric capacitors check capacitor insulation resistance intopoles, multilevel insulation between groups and between the insulation resistance of the shell, since the capacitor is made up of series and parallel capacitors, insulation deterioration of individual components will not reduce the entire capacitor insulation resistance, so remote measuring of insulation resistance between electrodes is hard to find flaws. Therefore, this test is generally not done, only bipolar or multiple on the determination of the insulation resistance of the shell. Depending onthe rated voltage using different voltage wave form. A case study of rated voltage of 750v, 1000V of the shake table, rocking side prior to discharge. Roll sides should shake shake to speed under the table, waiting for them after the pointer is stationary, in shake table to capacitors on the poles continue to go shake table. Start due to charge the capacitor, the pointer will fall, then rise slowly until the steady, readings at this time is the resistance between electrodes of the capacitor, usually 1000V shall not be less than 1 megohm. After reading the number again, shake tableshould be first line removed, stop shaking. Otherwise, due to discharge the capacitor easily burnt out header. After the remote, you should discharge the capacitor,so as to avoid electric shock.

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